The law firm of Fike, Cascio & Boose is located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. There are 5 attorneys in our firm, providing a broad range of legal services to individuals and business clients throughout Pennsylvania.
We are located in the historic uptown district of Somerset, Pennsylvania with easy access from throughout the Laurel Highlands.
Our firm’s representation of businesses includes real estate issues, commercial transactions, and business litigation. We help clients with an assortment of legal issues, including estate planning, living wills, residential real estate (including resort and vacation homes in the Laurel Highlands), probate issues, criminal defense, and civil litigation (e.g., auto accidents or employment issues).
Fike, Cascio & Boose is a full service law firm, representing and advising clients in the areas of estate planning, probate and estate administration, trusts, litigation and appeals, municipal law, real estate law, criminal law, personal injury, banking, commercial transactions, contract law, environmental law, and family law. Our attorneys represent clients in every level of state and federal courts.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner and ethical, friendly, and professional environment. Our approach focuses on the background, needs, and goals of each client, and we are committed to responding promptly to telephone calls, to reporting on cases regularly, and to minimizing and eliminating risk by informing clients of significant changes in the law.
Our dedication to quality, understanding of the law, trust, and respect are the foundation for our long-standing relationships with clients and the community.
Fike, Cascio & Boose has been a southwestern Pennsylvania institution since 1948, representing individuals and businesses in a variety of legal matters.
The firm's founders were the late Paul E. C. Fike, and Joseph N. Cascio. These skilled litigators and transactional lawyers quickly established a reputation for effective and professional legal work.
Robert I. Boose, a member of a distinguished family of lawyers and jurists, with special expertise in real estate and estate matters joined the firm in 1963 when Paul Fike died. Eugene E. Fike, II, Paul's nephew, joined the firm shortly after Paul's death.
Jack Dirienzo, John Cascio and Jim Cascio joined the firm in the 1970s while working as local public defenders and assistant district attorneys. Jeff Berkey joined in the early 1980s.
Lois Witt (Geary) Caton and Scott Bittner joined us in the 1990s. Berkey and Caton first served clerkships in the Somerset County Courts and Bittner clerked in several practice settings in Pittsburgh while in law school. Scott followed the footsteps of Eugene Fike and John Cascio and was elected as a Judge of the Somerset County Court of Common Pleas, taking office in January 2016.
Somerset County natives Christopher R. Robbins, Esq., and Chad M. Pritts, Esq., joined the firm in 2014 and 2015, respectively.
From our earliest days, our lawyers and associates have been lifelong residents of the Laurel Highlands region. Several former members of the firm have served as local judges. Our members are active in local government agencies and religious, service, social, cultural and charitable organizations, providing leadership, counsel and legal expertise to our communities' important institutions.