Bittner Bags Bear; Gets "Triple Crown"

Scott Bittner's annual Elk County bear hunt with his friends and family resulted in the first bear of his hunting career on November 21. Here's a picture of Tony Retassie and Scott (right) that ran in the Somerset Daily American.

Scott had already shot a turkey earlier in the season, so the buck he got on the last day of the season made for the rare "triple crown" for a Pennsylvania hunter, a turkey, a buck and a bear in the same hunting season.

Remembering Robert I. Boose

Bob Boose was remembered at a Somerset County court session held on October 14, 2005. Jim Cascio's remarks on behalf of the Somerset County Bar Association can be found here.

Joseph Cascio Memorial

Remarks made by Jim Cascio on behalf of the Cascio family at the Somerset County Court and Bar Association Memorial for Joe Cascio held on February 1, 1999.