May it please the court, Judge Fike, Judge Cascio, Judge Upor, Judge Klementik, members of the bar, family and friends. Welcome.
It is my honor and privilege to introduce and present D. Greg Geary, Judge-Elect to take the oath of office.
As i started to ponder what I was going to say today, I necessarily had to reflect upon the past as well as consider both the present and the future. I also realized that I now have the wonderful opportunity to dispel several rumors on the record since these proceedings are being transcribed. I must tell you that this prospect is very uplifting.
First, there are two rumors that have been perpetuated by Greg himself. The first rumor is that I caused his hair to turn gray. For the record, this is simply not true. The second rumor is that I caused Greg to lose his hair. This, again for the record, is definitely not true. Now having said that, the third rumor is one that has not been circulated in such wide circles and my intent is to nip it in the bud so to speak. I did not cause the hole in Greg’s head. I will admit and take slight credit for giving him a few headaches over the years but I definitely did not cause or contribute in any way to the hole.
Having gotten that out of the way, I will now get down to the task at hand.
As I said, in pondering what I was going to say today, I necessarily had to reflect upon the past as well as consider both the present and the future.
Greg Geary has been a life long resident of Somerset county. He is the son of John and Sandra Geary. He graduated from Somerset Area High School in 1981. Greg obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh where he duel majored in political science and philosophy. He obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Alabama School of Law.
Greg started his legal career as a United Utates Navy Prosecutor and then as a Navy Appellate Defense lawyer. After serving in the United States Navy, he returned to Somerset county and began his career as a sole practitioner . In 1995 he became solicitor for Children and Youth Services and in 1999 he began serving as one of the assistant district attorneys. That same year, he joined the firm of Carolann Young and Associates. In his 15 years of practicing law, Greg has had experience in criminal, civil, juvenile, estate and family law court matters.
Greg is also a major in the United States Army Reserve. As a military officer he has received the meritorious service medal as well as both the Navy commendation medal and the Army commendation medal.
Greg is a member of the Somerset County Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He is admitted to practice before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the United States Federal Court, the United States Court of Military Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States.
Greg is 42 years of age. He is married to me….. And for those of you who do not know me, I am Lois Geary. We have two small children, Courtney (who is - 8) and Benjamin who is 4 (soon to be five in a few days).
Greg lives his life adhering to those core values that have been instilled in him by both his parents and the military. They are duty, honor, integrity and selfless service. It is these principles that guide him in making everyday decisions- whether those decisions are relating to complex legal issues or issues involving our children.
As we look to the future, it is these values that I believe he will bring with him to the bench. I believe that as he embarks upon this new career, he will strive everyday to be fair and impartial and uphold the fine tradition that has been set by the judges that have served before him. I believe that the citizens of Somerset County will be served well by his ascension to the bench.
Now to Greg- this is the first and last time that I will be able to formally appear in front of you in court. The past two years have been a whirlwind. First with you being deployed to Bosnia for fourteen months, living 6000 miles from home and me, trying to be mother, father and practice law and then coming home and running for judge, with you being at one end of the county and me at the other on many nights. I know I speak for both of us when i say thank you to our parents and family for helping out so tremendously and also thank you to Fike, Cascio & Boose for giving me and my family the support and leeway needed to keep it all together and also thank you to Carolann Young & Associates for picking up the slack for you when needed.
Greg, I am very proud of you, both professionally and personally. As we were talking the other night, everything happens for a reason and the decisions we have made and those that we have had no control over have shaped our lives and brought us here today.
As you get ready to start a new career I have just one piece of advice - that is ----as you sit up there in the “big black chair”-- never forget what it is like to practice law- and to the members of the bar, I will pledge to you that if he does- I will most assuredly remind him.