Real estate law, sometimes called property law, is a wide-ranging area of civil law that regulates the ownership and use of land in this country.

Fike, Cascio & Boose has the experience to represent you in this complex, ever-changing area of law. We have a special interest in vacation/resort homes and farmland.

Land development
This area includes obtaining permits and variances, zoning changes, and approvals from various governmental agencies for a land development project.

Sale & purchase agreements
We assist in creating legally binding agreements that define the terms and conditions of the buying and selling of property. Purchase price, earnest money, financing, limitations, and other contingencies such as title searches, inspections, appraisals, closing costs and more are defined in these agreements, which are designed to facilitate the transaction by clearly delineating each party’s responsibility.

Deeds, Rights of Way, & Easements
A Deed is the indicia of ownership for a particular parcel or parcels of land. A Right of Way or Easement grants an entity (an individual, business, or even a government) the ability to use property they do not own for a specific purpose. The Right of way or Easement may affect a property’s value, and/or the feasibility of doing something to the property, such as building a new structure or addition.

Title Examinations & Closings
A critical part of a real estate transaction, the title examination, follows the property’s ownership many decades into the past to ensure that the property ownership is clear, and that no one from the past can assert a claim. The closing is the final culmination of the real estate transaction after the terms of the purchase agreement have been completed.

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